Public Private Partnership (PPP) Consulting

Technical Advisor Finanzinstitute

Technical Advisor for Financial Institutions

Through my activities in various construction companies, I have gained extensive experience in PPP projects. These projects include the A5 - Austria, D1 - Slovakia, A8 - Germany and the A One - Holland. I held a leading management position (steering committees etc.) in each of these major projects.

A technical background coupled with management skills and extensive experience in PPP projects makes me your ideal partner as a technical advisor. My organization is very streamlined, allowing me to offer a full range of services while still saving you money.

A high degree of flexibility and many years of experience in PPP on both the SPC and CJV side make me the ideal partner to professionally and efficiently support your projects and lead you to success.

SPC / CJV Consulting

PPP projects differ significantly from conventional construction contracts. Years of experience have shown that employees who mainly only deal with conventional construction contracts, find it very difficult to recognize the recipes for success in PPP projects. This has led many companies to suffer huge losses in their first PPP projects.

Diversifying risks, avoiding contract changes, identifying opportunities through planning optimization and optimal interaction between SPV, CJV and O&M are the key factors for the successful implementation of a PPP project.
I am happy to help you identify these potentials in the bidding phase and to support you in the implementation during the execution phase.

Years of PPP experience in the bidding and implementation phases have not only strengthened my passion for PPP projects, but also given me an eye for the important details.
The interfaces between SPC, CLV and O&M in combination with Fixed Operating Equipment must be clearly defined and distributed.

Over the course of many years, a very suitable system has been developed that can ensure your PPP projects also run smoothly.
I can also offer consulting in organizational structure, risk management and pricing to help you achieve the desired success.

PPP Projekt