Management Consulting


Interim Management

Companies are often temporarily weakened when top managers become indisposed or are lost. Weakened by personnel shortages, a company’s development can be hindered and its existence may even be compromised.

I have over 20 years of experience working for prestigious construction companies, and have held a number of top management positions and am happy to offer your company my services as an interim manager. I am fully qualified to take on functions ranging from CEO, COO and CRO all the way to offer manager for large-scale projects.

Drawing upon my many years of experience in company restructuring, as well as my strong management and analytical thinking skills, I am optimally suited to take on roles in strategic orientation, organizational structure and restructuring management.

I am able to master these challenges by applying tried and true tools for strategic planning, risk management and portfolio management.

Strategic Planning and Portfolio Management

Far too often it happens that due to ‘daily business’ companies no longer find the time to professionally plan their strategy and portfolio. A lack of strategy and insufficient portfolio management lead to declines in sales, negative earnings developments and a dwindling market presence. For many companies, this development even ends in bankruptcy.

Together with your senior staff, I will help you to develop and optimize your company’s strategic planning and portfolio management.

This is done using tools for strategy development and portfolio management that have proven their effectiveness over many years, coupled with new innovative ways of thinking. The system is evaluated holistically, examining the strategy, structure and culture, assessing both existing business as well as innovative new business. A well-structured strategy, a company-oriented portfolio management, clearly defined measures and a sustainable strategy will lead your company to long-term success.
With fun and motivation, together with me, your team will live the guiding principle

“We must define today, where we want to be tomorrow and set ourselves clear objectives, determine concrete measures and measure ourselves based on these goals.”

Strategie und Portfolio Management

Organizational Consulting

The right business model without the proper organization wastes resources and money. Only efficient structures in combination with a sustainable strategy and corporate culture lead to positive results.

I compare your business model with your existing organization and the processes you use and adapt the organization and processes to your business model. Organizational adjustments that fulfill modern processes such as risk management, centralized purchasing, technical back office and controlling can be implemented quickly and efficiently. In order to convince every employee of the adaptations necessary, this process of change can be accompanied by the appropriate change management.

My many years of experience in restructuring companies as well as establishing organizations are incorporated in this process.

Risk Management

Today, risk management is of the utmost importance not only for listed companies, but for every company in the construction sector. The imbalance between low profit margins and the acceptance of high risks has made strict risk management a necessity in the construction industry.

A lack of risk management leads to miscalculations for construction contracts and thus to immense losses. This is particularly true for projects abroad. Projects in CEE and SEE that have failed to implement strict risk management have sent even large construction companies into bankruptcy.
Years of experience with a wide variety of risk management systems has convinced me that an effective risk management will sustainably improve your outcomes.

Benchmarking is used to identify risks, formulate opportunities and risks and to identify critical clauses and no-go criteria, as well as for process planning for handling tenders and project implementation.

Specific parameters must be used to identify high-risk projects early on so that the appropriate countermeasures can be taken.
However, since most risks arise during the tendering phase, special attention is given to this area as part of the risk management process. Through clear no-go criteria, transparency and discipline in tendering, many of the risks can be avoided and flop sites can thus be prevented.
However, it is also important to avoid risks and seize opportunities during the construction phase. Here too, benchmarking and clear criteria can be used to determine sustainable improvements.

My risk management system is well prepared and easy to understand. Since the necessary documentation is already tried and true and also easy to understand, this system can be implemented in a very short amount of time.


Process Control

The development and introduction of new processes can create an enormous drain on resources and cause a large amount of uncertainty among employees. In the worst case, experience has shown that an uncontrolled introduction of a new process can lead to employee shrinkage of up to 10%. Of course, in such cases the company is sure to lose its best employees. However, if the process is only moved forward halfheartedly, it is a waste of resources.

I will accompany you in the development and introduction of new processes and will drive the implementation forward with the right amount of commitment. In cooperation with experienced partners for change management, we will get your employees excited about new solutions. Process control ensures that processes are only implemented once they are perfected and that they are then implemented consistently.

In my 34 years of professional experience, 20 years of which were in leading positions, I have accompanied and successfully implemented numerous new processes.

Your employees will appreciate the professional support during such challenging process implementations.

Business Development

You or your employees have a good idea for a new market, a new business or a new customer, but do not have the time or a plan to realize it. Many companies lose out on millions in profits for this very reason.

As with strategy and portfolio management, together we can draw upon proven tools to successfully bring your ideas to life. I will support you in the creation of a strategic plan, allocating of resources and finally, contacting the customer.

As a business consultant, countless business models have been brought to me. Some of them are actually extremely promising. They range from partnerships, new market segments and new markets, all the way to very specific construction projects. I would be happy to also keep your company informed of such business opportunities.

Business Development
M&A Beratung

M&A Consulting

M&A processes are complex and involve a myriad of risks. With the purchase of a sick company, even healthy companies have often found themselves in immense trouble, even resulting in bankruptcy.

Through my participation in significant M&A transactions in the construction sector, I have learned exactly which aspects of such M&A activities must be taken into careful consideration.

Together with my partners, we supervise your M&A plans, your M&A team and conduct corporate audits and project audits.