Construction Management Consulting


  • Optimization of construction companies
  • Resource management
  • Equipment planning
  • Performance assessment and optimization
  • Cost controlling and projections
  • Opportunity and risk analysis
  • Construction process planning
  • Optimization of construction site equipment
  • Construction management consulting
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In Detail

We have all seen it: A construction site where, despite the best efforts of the construction team, the outcomes continue to get worse. For large-scale projects, this can go so far as to even put the company at risk.

Together with my partners, we assess projects based on the resource planning, construction process and optimization potential. As part of this assessment, we prepare a detailed performance report including organization controls and provide recommendations for the necessary optimizations.
Particular emphasis is placed on optimized planning, optimized resource management (personnel, equipment and material), optimized equipment planning, the ideal construction process, strict contract management and sustainable cost controlling.
Experts in planning, geotechnical engineering, construction management, contract management and legal consultation are ready to assist your company and provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your construction management from a single source.

Insufficient awareness of the risks and a failure to utilize opportunities are often the cause of high project losses. As part of our construction management consulting, we prepare opportunities and risk analyses to help your company identify new opportunities and utilize existing opportunities as well as avoid any existing risks. Based on the opportunities and risk analyses, measures are defined and implemented together with your team.

We are of course happy to provide construction management consulting already in the pre-construction phase to avoid any troubles before they arise.

To monitor the optimizations, we prepare weekly plans with performance targets in advance, and together with your team, we ensure these performance targets are met.

As the first step is to ensure the construction team is convinced of such a process optimizations, we also offer change management and team building as part of a holistic solution. We provide everything from teambuilding and construction management workshops to change management support.

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